Alyson’s Favorites // April 2019

Holy guacamole! April is flying by and I can’t believe there’s only about six weeks before school is done and I’ll officially have a fourth grader and a kindergartener. [insert freak out face here!] I know blog content has been slow here the past month or so and it’s honestly because my full-time job in PR plus parenting and life has totally engulfed my time. Younger Alyson would have stayed up crazy late to get more content up here but I realized two things from doing that: the content is rarely quality, and two, my body pays for it. So, as much as it pains my Type-A self not to produce as much I’m equally so proud of myself for making a smart decision. Ok, ok… so why you’re here! Here’s a bunch of random things I’m loving this month. For past Alyson’s Favorites — favorite clothes, shoes, TV shows, books, home finds, randomness — you can click here. WEAR THIS: Off-the-Shoulder Tee (here) If you see me share my outfits frequently on Instagram stories, you know I’ve worn this tee soooo many times, so many times that I also purchased the grey and might need to go back for […]

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