Exclusive First Look: Dream Big Make Waves With Beachwaver

Beachwaver Dream Big Make Waves

Trust me when I say I’m fairly hair (and beauty) inept. Discovering the Beachwaver in 2016 through a friend who has perfect beachy waves was for sure a turning point… at least for my hair. If you’ve follow here or know me personally, you likely have heard me rave about this curling iron tool that — when you push a button — literally curls your hair for you by automatically rotating. It’s so genius, and truth, fun to use! What I didn’t know until recently was how Beachwaver came to be, and how its founder, celebrity stylist and mom of two, Sarah Potempa, took years to create it to give real women like you and me the tools in our own home to create what she was creating around the world for clients. She’s so down-to-earth and hard working that you’d never know she was this majorly sought after stylist who’s good friends with Lea Michelle and Reese Witherspoon, was the official stylist for VS fashion show, etc. Such an honor to get to know Sarah, smiling there below. Exclusive first look! Now, the company founded by Sarah along with her sisters Emily and Erin, have created an incredible line […]

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