I Knew Exactly How to Parent… Until I had Children

I thought I knew how to parent... until I had children // the modern savvy, life & style blog #parenting #momtruth

I had very clear ideas about how I wanted to parent… until we had our first child. Before you have children with their unique little personalities and needs, it’s pretty easy to envision a parenting style that for sure would work. Then your child is born. And as you go through each stage you realize two things: One. You did not — and still do not — have all the answers. You’re learning on the fly, pretending like hell like you know what the heck you’re doing. Two. Everyone else somehow magically has all the answers… and they’re very eager to share with you. Anyone else experience this phenomenon where other moms with a child or two have learned all the things and without request, will happily share with you what you can do differently or better? (Or perhaps you simply see them roll their eyes, silently telling you poor mama, if only you knew more/better/differently). By the way, don’t worry that I’m playing the blame game. This mama for sure did it too. I’m guilty. Sleep through the night. I got it. My girl was sleeping through the night at seven weeks old, while I was breast feeding. We […]

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