My Best Tips to be Healthier, Stronger, More Fit

The best tips to feel stronger, healthier, and more fit (from a weight watcher lifetimer) // #healthyeating #workout

Many of you have noticed that I’ve lost a few pounds over the past few months. While I think I’d hate myself too for saying what about I’m about to say — it was somewhat accidental — it’s sort of the truth. The reality though is a few changes that are worth noting: we were eating out less (subsequently drinking less and therefore not overeating), drinking way less at home (so less calories/sugar, and not over-eating), and then running more to prepare for a 5K race — my first in a decade and a major personal milestone. That said, many of you know I’m a weight watcher lifetimer (I lost about 35 lbs around 2003 after college) and with my health issues, I’ve learned a lot of tips to be healthier — and get back to it when I veer off course. Since many of you have been asking what I’ve been doing or doing differently, I’m sharing today some of my best tips to be healthier. If you’re looking to lose weight, go to this post about six ways to lose those nagging five pounds… really helpful tips you can easily implement. There’s a little overlap here, but the […]

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